If youre in the market to buy or sell a home in Klamath County, turn to a real estate professionals who offers a level of service thats Simply Outstanding. Make the most of your important move and call Shelley & Lisa the Signature Team. Because for the Signature Team, going the extra mile for you isnt a matter of being different its, quite simply, the only way to do business.

Many Realtors believe that customer satisfaction is their most important job. We don’t think this is so. Customer Satisfaction is merely the minimum standard of our business. We constantly improve the tools, services, and technology that we bring to you, whether buying or selling.

Our main focus is to take customer service and the usual level of satisfaction to a completely new high.We hope to create “raving fans”, providing the best service in the real estate industry… period. We want you to be so well beyond satisfied with us that you will gladly refer us to your friends and family.

A Realtor Team that will handle everything for you!

Leave the sale of your most important investment to professionals.

Simply Outstanding
1) Homes by UNREPRESENTED SELLERS take longer to sell on average!

2) These Homes almost always net the seller LESS than they would have received after paying commission & being represented.

3) When your not at home or at the phone, You’re out of business!

4) Unrepresented Sellers often are not aware of legal, disclosure and other requirements NOR are they skilled in negotiations and contracts.

SELLERS: In this market, Sellers can NOT chase the market down. You will never catch it! By the time you drop your price, the market has gone lower and you have missed your opportunity. To sell quickly and for the best price, one must be ahead of the decline. Position your home ahead of the trend and chances are you will be better off in the end.