Seller’s Basics

How To Make Money On eBay – A Seller’s Basic Plan

All you have to do is to plan and to strategize what you sell on eBay. Planning and strategizing first are the best ideas in order to be organized in everything you want to do here. Make sure to plan it before you want to go for it. Then if you already have a plan in mind, do what you want to do, and then you can pick an item you want to sell but make sure you pick items that are much affordable first before you go for much expensive ones. In this way you can lure possible buyers easily without any dilemma concerning your budget.

Getting to Know Seller Financing

Seller financing basically implies that the seller of the house is providing financing. This signifies that the buyer does not need to get a financial assistance from other lending institution to be able to purchase the unit. Sellers usually offer such kind of service since in a buyer’s market, encouraging qualified buyers is incredibly a tough thing to do.

A Common Mistake by eBay Sellers New to the Dutch Auction Selling Technique

A friend also selling on eBay told me about a mistake she made that innocently caused four people to bid on and pay for one solitary item available.

Seller Financing ABC’s – The Basics

Seller financing, in whole or in part, has been used since the first time a homeowner decided to sell and could not find a buyer who could afford the house. In recent years, however, with the easy credit of subprime mortgages and 100% or more loans, seller financing had fallen on hard times. Today, however, because of the slowdown in the housing market and the subprime mortgage crisis, seller financing may be returning for another engagement.

Put it in Writing – Contract Basics for the First-Time Buyer

Only attorneys can legally guide you through the technical aspects of a contract (in my state of Kentucky). A real estate agent can provide a pre-printed contract and help you fill in the blanks, but cannot provide legal advice. What follows is only my opinion based on experience and it does not supersede the guidance of an attorney.