Open House

How Effective is an Open House for Home Sellers or Real Estate Investors?

Open houses help real estate agents and investors more than they help home sellers.

Open House Success – 11 Strategies to Help You Sell More Homes!

I’ve have been successfully selling real estate for almost 20 years and can count the number of times I have sold a specific house, myself, at an open house on one hand. However, I long ago lost count of the number of clients and sales I have made through holding open houses.

Open House Tips – From Preparation to Execution

Hello everyone! Just thought I’d share some basic open house tips that I follow and usually work out well for me. There is a big difference between showing up at an open house unprepared and showing up with materials, listings, and other useful items.

How to Increase Traffic at Your Next Open House

Open houses have a bad reputation in the minds of many real estate agents. Often they’re under-attended and rarely lead to a sale. In fact, many agents see open houses simply as a good opportunity to attract new clients rather than being a viable marketing opportunity for the home itself. Despite open houses’ lackluster results, they’re still regarded by sellers as one of the primary techniques for selling a home.

Making an Open House Succeed – The Pointers to Consider

Experts and real estate agents alike unanimously say that open houses are not as effective as they were before. This is acceptable and believable, considering the advent of the Internet. Open houses also require a lot of effort-and most of the time, the effort is not rewarded directly or instantly. Many agents prefer to concentrate on their real estate marketing campaign online and elsewhere. Indeed, they can change all that energy, time, and money anywhere else other than in open houses.

10 Ways to Rock Your Open House

Open houses don’t have to be boring, and they don’t have to be held on Saturday afternoons. Break the mold and rock your open house!

Is Having an Open House Still As Effective As Before?

Open House can help you sell your house but it is not the most essential factor you should consider. It is not the primary marketing tool that agents depend on when selling a property. As a matter of fact, open houses are considered as a waste of time nowadays. Agents feel that having an open house is more like fishing for prospective clients and not potential buyers.

Law of Attraction For Real Estate – Seven Steps to Hosting a Successful Open House

Whether you adore them or not, Open Houses can be a very effective real estate sales tool. In fact, if you consciously apply the Law of Attraction when planning and hosting your Open House it is sure to be a success.

A Step by Step Guide on How to Conduct a Successful Open House With 40 Must Do Actions

Have you ever wondered what it would take to have a Successful Open House first time, every time? Well you don’t have to wonder any more! We have taken the hard work out of conducting Open Houses by breaking down all the key components to success and came up with a list of 40 Must Do Actions, a Step-by-Step Guide.